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Come take a journey into the far Outback of Texas. Caddo Lake is the largest natural lake in Texas. As you tour the lake you can marvel at God's creations seeming untouched by the outside world. A wonderful, beautiful and mystic place, Caddo Lake is a maze of 26,800 acres of interconnected waters ways, bayous, sloughs, ox-bows, channels, islands and cypress thickets.
Caddo Lake is a place that one could explore for a life time and still find places that you could think no man has ever gone before.

Beaver & Other Wildlife

Caddo Lake Beaver

Caddo Lake has a large variety of wildlife such as this busy beaver that was photographed on one of our guided tours. 

Cypress Glow

Sun setting on Caddo Lake

The sun casting its rays through the cypress trees on a Caddo Lake guided  sightseeing tour.

A NOTE FROM YOUR TOUR GUIDE Growing up here on Caddo Lake and spending my youth and most of my life exploring this beautiful place has given me a certain appreciation for this unique and special place I call home, Caddo Lake. It is my goal to give you the most pleasurable experience possible and provide you a personal and intimate experience of Caddo Lake that you will always remember. For me, seeing Caddo through other's eyes as they experience the best nature has to offer is a pleasure and very rewarding, I think I must have the best job in the world! I invite you to come take a guided tour of Caddo Lake and experience a place that time has seemed to have forgotten. A place with such beauty words or pictures can hardly depict what you will witness if you see it in person. I am so sure you will enjoy the experience that I tell all my customers, don't pay for the tour until it's over and if you don't like the tour you don't have to pay. I look forward to seeing you.

Caddo Outback Tours Owner / Operator John Winn
Caddo Outback Tours Owner / Operator John Winn

Scenic Tours - Nature Tours - Photo Tours Also excellent for a romantic get-away for that special loved one!

Located in North East Texas near the border of Texas and Louisiana   Tours are scheduled by appointment of a time of your choosing.  

Tours are personal tours only with no grouping of strangers.

The boat pictured above is the swamp boat we use to get you into the areas that a normal boat can't go! 

Our tour cabin is located about 2-1/2 miles from the Caddo Lake State Park. Caddo Lake State Park offers cabins, shelters, camping. Also check out their park store for Caddo Lake souvenirs.


Come and experience the only cypress swamp in Texas, a virtual forrest on the water that covers thousands of acres.

Did You Know?  

Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas of any significant size and

the largest in the South, covering about 26,800 acres at normal water level.

Caddo Lake being half swamp and half lake supports one of the largest cypress growth forest in the world with some trees as old as 400 years of age .

Caddo Lake has 71 species of fish, making it have the most diverse fish population in the state of Texas. You will find fish from the smallest, like the little minnows, chubs & shiners, to the large blue, and flathead catfish, to the largest the alligator gar. 


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