Scenic Sightseeing Swamp Tours

Our  day time scenic swamp tours carry you into the most beautiful locations on Caddo. Daytime tours also offer a great opportunity to view the many birds here on Caddo lake such as the herons, egrets, and wood storks just to mention a few.

  Whether you're a Photographer, Bird-Watcher or a Naturalist, or just someone that simply loves the beauty that Caddo Lake offers, we will customize the tours to fit your needs. 

 Tours are scheduled by appointment. Tours are personal tours only with no grouping of strangers.

 Personalized Tours: Our tours are scheduled for any length you wish. Our tours range from 1 hour short tours to full day trips.



Photography Tours





Sunrise & Sunset



Caddo Lake is a photographers dream! I have people come from all over the country and the world to capture the beauty of Caddo through the lens.


Caddo Lake has a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles and amphibians to challenge those that like wildlife Photography.


Caddo Lake can have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can be found!

Having a dear friend of mine, ( Leroy Williamson retired chief photographer Texas Parks & Wildlife ) introduce me to photography years ago, I can assure you from my experience shooting Caddo lake that it  has some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere. Whether you are into landscape, wildlife, reflections, shadows or colors Caddo Lake has something to offer the photographer. Call us for more information on our photography tours.



Night Tours & Twilight Tours

Night Tours


Take a tour and see the beauty of Caddo Lake at night, see the beauty of a moon light shining through the Cypress draped in Spanish moss or a dark clear night when every star in the sky seems to be glowing above.  Also see and experience the nocturnal creatures that only venture out when the sun goes down, such as Alligators, Raccoon, Beaver, Nutria, Mink, Owls and many others.  We recommend these tours for those that want to experience something really different.

Twilight Tours


Twilight tours are tours where we go out before dark and come back after dark. A great way to see Caddo Lake with clarity before dark and then slowly watch the sun set. As night sets in you get to witness a totally different side of Caddo, when the nocturnal creatures of the swamp come out. With this tour you get to experience a little of both sides of Caddo Lake in one outing.

Alligator Tours

This alligator ( I call her Lady ) is a large 12' female alligator that I and my customers  have viewed many times over the years. She is getting old now and doesn't show herself as often but if luck is with us maybe you can see her and witness what I consider one of the greatest creatures on Caddo Lake!

Viewing alligators in the daytime is difficult here on Caddo. The gators tend to shy away from humans when they hear a boat coming and most often they will just go under and wait for you to leave. Night time is by far better for seeing gators. For one, they are nocturnal by nature and thats when they feed. Secondly, they aren't as skittish at night and they don't perceive the light we shine as being as big of threat. Thirdly, with a spot light you can spot one a long ways away because their eyes glow really good when you shine a light at them. Guess what has bright red eyes when you shine a light at it? Yep the alligator. 


18ft Go Devil Boat 27 hp Go Devil Motor To carry you really outback!

The Go Devil outboard motor has been called the four wheel drive of outboards.  Developed in South Louisiana as a means to go through the swamps, marsh and shallow waters where a conventional outboard can not go.  Its unique design allows it to go through the toughest aquatic vegetation and the shallowest of water.  

Things to do while your here

Jefferson Texas

Jefferson Texas is a old historic riverboat town with plenty to do and see. About a 20 minute drive from Caddo  well worth seeing!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge

For free, you can enjoy wildlife watching, hiking, horseback riding and hunting on the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Caddo Lake Wildlife Management Area

The Caddo Lake WMA has 8,124 acres in Marion and Harrison counties adjacent and on Caddo Lake and is a great place to explore! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE