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Daytime scenic sightseeing tours carry you into the most beautiful locations on Caddo Lake.  Daytime tours also offer a great opportunity to view the many wading birds here on Caddo lake such as the herons, egrets, wood storks and many more. We also sometimes see deer, squirrels, ducks, wild hogs, nutria and others on these tours. These tours are offered by the hour from one hour short trips to full day excursions. 

Sunrise tours are tours where we out on the water  at or before the time the sun comes up in the morning. Being I have to get up earlier, like 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning for these tours there is a 2 hr minimum, I like my sleep more now days! Smiles

Twilight tours that are typically tours that go out before dark then come back in after dark. The tour is usually set to be equal parts day and night. There is a 1-1/2 hr minimum for these tours because anything less isn't enough to experience this tour the right way. 

Photography tours are specifically designed to fit the needs of the more serious photographer. These tours are geared to making sure you get the best shots possible, making sure you get the best lighting, reflections, shadows, landscape and wildlife opportunity. Although these tours can be scheduled for any length time, (except sunrise, 2 hr minimum) I recommend 2 hrs or more to insure you have the best opportunity.

Night tours  is exactly what it says. These tours are tours that go out anytime after sunset. These tours are geared to show you a different and mysterious side of Caddo Lake. Full moon nights and dark clear nights when you can see all the stars can be really spectacular. These tours are also great for seeing the critters of the swamp that only come out after dark. Note: sometimes the critters come out really good at night and sometimes not so much, it all depends on their feeding patterns. There is a 1-1/2 minimum for these tours.

Gator tours are tours done at night specifically geared to viewing as many alligators as possible while we are out. This tour is a longer tour, ( 3hr. ) that  covers more area at a slightly faster pace, this gives us a better chance for seeing those bright red eyes that only the alligator has when you shine a light at them. Although there is a chance of seeing one on a shorter regular night tour it is recommended to schedule this tour if your main interest is seeing a alligator, also a great way to see other nocturnal animals. Note: Alligators are seasonal and best viewed in the warmer months, they go dormant in the winter. Also note, we are in the northern habitat of the alligator and we do have a fair number of them but not the numbers you would see in South Louisiana, Florida or in places near the Texas Gulf. There is a 3 hr minimum for this tour.  

More information

Children 12 years and younger must wear PFDs. Life jackets provided.

Infants & toddlers small enough sit sit in your lap are no charge . Small infants are  sometimes hard to to fit with life preservers. I suggest that if you can to obtain a Coast Guard approved PFD (Personal Floating Device) ahead of time that will fit your infant correctly. I have some small Life Jackets but it is possible they may not be the right fit. Also keep in mind that small children, usually 8 years old or younger tend to get restless on the longer tours. It's like sitting in a car for a long time except there is no restraints.

Lake and Weather Conditions

When booking your tour keep in mind that weather conditions can effect the quality of your tour. For example, In the hot summer time try to book your tour in the morning or late afternoon / evening. If there is no breeze it can get pretty hot and sweltering here in the swamp. Although its hard to predict weather here in North East Texas I would suggest to keep in mind as well that for tours scheduled in the winter time should be considered also   when you schedule your tour. Most often late morning and early afternoon are your safest bet. If you are the hardy type then feel free to schedule your tour at any time but keep in mind I might be charging you a "I'm burning or freezing my butt off fee! Payable before I bring you back out of the swamp!

Suggested Advice

Although it does look like a lot of fun for  your small child and the parent, please don't dangle and dunk your child over and in the water by their feet, it does attract alligators and in Texas it is against the law to feed the gators. Smiles!

It was told to me me by a close friend of mine that is retired with the Texas Parks and Wildlife that a biologist told him that the alligators most favorite food, and they will even go out of their way to get is..... white poodles!!

I does stand to reason, alligators see by contrast. Something to think about if you're a white poodle owner that wants to bring Fluffy on the tour, again its still against the law to feed the gators in Texas! 

If you see us coming up on a tree with a low lying limb with something honey comb shape with lots of small fluttering wings please don't take a boat paddle and see how far you can knock it out of the park! My boats top speed is 18 miles an hour and they can fly 25 miles an hour! 

You ladies, in the months of June and July for the night tours it might be advisable to not wear a low cut shirt or blouse. Ever had a June bug go down your cleavage and crawl around with their little prickly feet? Yes it has happened on my tour! The rest of us got a pretty go show out of that!

Pets are welcome on my tours as indicated in the Faqs section of my website. Please be aware that if you have a aggressive pooch that bites or tries to bite me, (this has happened before)  I may be compelled to make it depart the boat. Again its against the law to feed the alligators in Texas!