Frequently asked questions

What To Bring?

You might want to bring a small cooler with whatever you wish such as snacks, lunch, something to drink. You also might want to bring a camera,binoculars, bug repellant, small blanket. In other words bring what ever you wish to make your tour more enjoyable. 

Can I Bring A Pet?

I don't recommend bringing your cat, they don't like water to well but feel free to bring a well mannered pooch with a leash. Keep in mind though this is a smaller swamp boat and if you want to bring your Great Dane or Bull Mastiff that might present a problem.

Can I Extend My Tour If We Want To Stay Out Longer?

By all means providing If I don't have another tour booked right behind yours.
We would love to show you all we can of Caddo Lake!

What If It Rains?

What If It Rains?
There is nothing we can do about mother nature.
If it starts raining while we are out you have the option of heading back in or continuing the tour if you don't mind getting wet. The only time I will make that decision for you is when storms or lighting seems to be moving in and I deem it unsafe and we should get out of the elements. If the tour is cut short for any of these reasons you are only charged for the time we were out. If it's raining or the weather is bad before your tour begins you have the choice of cancelling  your tour and you won't be charged anything.

What Happens If The Boat Breaks Down?

You get an extended tour for no extra cost providing you help paddle,
extra paddles provided! **Smiles** Don't worry with over 40 years on Caddo I and the people with me have always made it back!
I do carry a cell phone that has reception out in the swamp!

Will We See An Alligator And Are They Dangerous?

Well, I haven't lost anyone yet to an alligator!
 Believe it or not the alligator is about the least thing to worry about here on Caddo, they are pretty skittish about being around humans. I worry more about a flying heron or egret dropping a poo bomb on me than I worry about the gators, and yes one time I did have a lady sitting in the middle of the boat between her husband and their friend that fell victim the to a precision guided poo bomb dropped by a yellow crowned night heron. No one else got a drop on them but everyone got a good laugh including the lady with a new profound appreciation of the yellow crowned night heron's aim! 

Can The Boat Get Stuck?

We are going through swampy conditions but I have many routes, some of them really remote that are safe with no chance of getting the boat stuck . On the other hand there are many areas that are remote and filled with very thick aquatic vegetation, mud flats and so forth that would lend the opportunity for one to find himself sitting in a boat that just won't go any further. I go in to these areas fairly often by myself scouting for gators and such. Some people do request or want to go into these type areas because it's a little more on the wild side. I have no problem with it as long as you know there is the possibility that we may have to get the paddles and push pole out and do a little pushing to get the boat turned around or unstuck. Oh, in the case of a really stuck swamp boat like mine many people have found themselves having to get out and push and pull. **Ever been wading with the gators?**
Don't worry they don't eat much! 

How about Mosquitoes?

I provide rope to keep you anchored in the boat in case they get really thick and I also provide base ball bats to fend off the larger ones, **just kidding**
Actually you will be surprised at how few of those pesty creatures we do have out on the water. There is so much life in the water that eats the mosquito eggs and larvae that they are rarely a problem. Many people tell me they are much worst in their back yards in Dallas than they are out on Caddo.

I'm Really Scared Of Snakes, Do I Need To Be Worried?

I'm Really Scared Of Snakes, Do I Need To Be Worried?
When people first look at Caddo it somehow conjures up images of snakes snakes everywhere. In all actuality snakes are not that predominate here on Caddo. The reason being is we have lots of great blue herons, egrets, red shouldered hawks, barred owls, and guess what? they eat the snakes! It would be hard for me most times to show someone a snake if that's what they wanted to see. Oh, and with all my years here on Caddo I have never had a snake even remotely try to fall in the boat, so don't worry. 

What happens if I have to use the bath room?"

It happens to everyone including myself. Sometimes someone or maybe everyone will have nature call while out on a tour, especially the long tours, it's only natural for this to happen. You have two options when this happens. Tell me as soon as you know you have to go and we will get you to land, or for those that aren't bashful or don't want to wait, go over the side,  yes go over the side! Those are your only options given the swamp doesn't have any facilities where I carry you. Believe me it happens all the time so please don't let having to use the bathroom ruin you tour!

Smoking On The Boat?

Smoking on the boat is permitted since these are personal tours and there are no strangers that might be offended.


Alcohol is permitted except for the driver of the boat, me, and those under 21.