Personalized Tours: Our tours are scheduled for any length you wish. Our tours range from 1 hour short tours to full day trips.  Whether you're a Photographer, Bird-Watcher or a Naturalist, or just someone that simply loves the beauty that Caddo Lake offers, we will customize the tours to fit your needs.  We offer discounted rates for extended hours.    

Canoe Trips:  We are not offering canoe trips at this time.

Nature Walks:  For those that like to go a foot, there is over 8000 acres of Texas Parks & Wildlife (WMA) to explore.  Ideal for Photography, Bird-Watching and Naturalist.  These areas are old growth forest that host an array of different kinds of trees and plants; Willow Oak, Red Oak, Water Oak, White Oak, River Birch, Cypress, Elm, Sweet Gum, Dogwood, and Pine to list a few.  These old growth forest give excellent habitat for the wildlife that abounds on Caddo.
Permit required on the Wildlife Management Area.

Night Tours:  Take a tour and see the beauty of Caddo Lake at night, see the beauty of a moon light shining through the Cypress draped in Spanish moss or a dark clear night when every star in the sky seems to be glowing above.  Also see and experience the nocturnal creatures that only venture out when the sun goes down, such as Alligators, Raccoon, Beaver, Nutria, Mink, Owls and many others.  We recommend these tours for those that want to experience something really different.

Gator Tours:  Take a tour and see the most grand creature on Caddo Lake, the alligator! Respected by man and beast, the alligator is definitely something to behold in it's natural setting. The gator tours are a 3 hr. or more tour done at night when viewing is much easier. For those that want a little excitement the Gator Tour is a must!

Photography Tours: Caddo lake has some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere. Whether you are into landscape, wildlife, reflections, shadows or colors Caddo Lake has something to offer the photographer.
Call us for more information on our photography tours.

Romantic Tours:  Experience the beauty of Caddo Lake, with that special loved one, as you take a slow tour through the calm waters, water lilies and the lofty moss draped Cypress that make Caddo Lake one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Daylight, Twilight, or Night Tours are available.

Tours are scheduled by appointment.
Tours are personal tours only with no grouping of strangers.
Capacity is four adults of average size.
Capacity may vary depending on size.
Weight limit for passengers is about 750lbs total.
Call: 903-789-3384 to book your tour on beautiful Caddo Lake.


Specializing in 
18ft Go Devil Boat
27 hp Go Devil Motor
To carry you really outback!

The Go Devil outboard motor has been called the four wheel drive of outboards.  Developed in South Louisiana as a means to go through the swamps, marsh and shallow waters where a conventional outboard can not go.  Its unique design allows it to go through the toughest aquatic vegetation and the shallowest of water.  


Guide:  John Winn; raised on Caddo Lake, over 40 years experience

Tour Departure Location:  1869 Pine Island Rd, (County Rd. 2412) on Big Cypress Bayou

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John & Diane Winn 1869 Pine Island Rd. Karnack, Texas 75661




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