Caddo Lake, divided almost equally by Texas and Louisiana, is a shimmering jewel in deep East Texas and Western Louisiana; a time-warp to an age long passed; an immense natural lake that will make any visitor feel as though they have taken a step back in time by hundreds or thousands of years.

Travel the maze of boat roads through lofty Bald Cypress trees draped in Spanish moss.  By boat, visit Willowson's Woodyard, Old House Slough, Alligator Thicket, Whistleberry Slough, Goat Island, Stumpy Slough, Lover’s Lane, Jackson’s Arm, Big Hole, Carter’s Lake, Whangdoodle Pass, Goose Prairie and many more sites with names as fascinating as their beauty.

See the beauty of a natural area that looks as though no man has yet trespassed upon the serenity of nature.  Experience the feeling of solitude, the quietness and the natural sounds of mysterious Caddo Lake.  Wildlife abounds.  Birds and animals are in abundance.  Beaver houses hump in piles of logs above the water.  Pileated and other woodpeckers pound dead trees with a reverberating knock, knock, knock coming from some direction, totally surrounding you and then fading into the distance somewhere behind you.

Alligators are plentiful but not always easy to view.  Fish?  The lake is full of them, but not always easy to catch.  And at Caddo Lake, you may catch a fish that is a little different looking than any fish you have ever seen before.

Great Horned owls and Barred owls hoot day and night, but they prefer the night.  Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, ducks and songbirds have to believe they are living in the Garden of Eden.  Caddo Lake is a birdwatcher’s paradise.  There are more than 250 species of birds residing at Caddo Lake, from the tiniest warblers to birds with six-foot wingspans.

One day on Caddo Lake will be a day never forgotten; a lifetime is not enough time to see and enjoy it all, for it is always changing.  Every season of the year has its special characteristics to marvel and behold.  The dead of winter brings a grayness to the water, trees and often to the sky.  Spring is the season of rebirth, as earth must have been in the beginning when life burst forth upon the planet.  In hot summer, the lake is covered with lily pads and a sultry stillness as water levels normally drop to the lowest during the year.  Paint the area colorful in the fall when temperatures cool and the Bald Cypress and hardwoods turn orange, gold and red.

Mysterious!  How did such a wonderful place get in this part of the country?  No one knows for sure.  There are old Indian stories about an earthquake forming the lake and there are other theories about it being created one way or another.  Just be thankful that such a wonderful place exists where you can fish, hunt, ski, swim, or just step into a canoe and quietly enjoy the beauty while drifting 10,000 years into the past.

Caddo Lake!  One of the greatest wonders of the world - well, certainly of Texas and Louisiana.  Enjoy!

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